Tina Wilson advocated for us every step buying our home

I have no idea how my family and I would have made it through the home buying process without Tina Wilson. People often joke about Murphy’s Laws; however we lived it. The process of buying a home is supposed to be a wonderful, albeit stressful life event; but wonderful is the forefront. Our process  was stressful to say the least and everything that could go wrong, did. Tina was with us every step of the way and never made us feel like a burden. Many other realtors may have gotten frustrated with delays in closings and a less than simple process, but not Tina. She made sure we knew that she was advocating for us every step of the way.

While we were going through this process, other friends of ours were also buying a home. Even though I recommended Tina to them, they went with someone that their mortgage lender provided. They soon found out after closing that they should have been told about many things that Tina told us about. We felt bad for them that they did not have a realtor that advocated and helped them through the first-time home buying experience.

As first-time home buyers, my husband and I felt overwhelmed and clueless. Tina ensured that she explained everything to us in a way that we would understand and she made sure that our best interests were at the forefront of all that we encountered. I would not be a homeowner without her. In a business that is as competitive as real estate, if everyone knew Tina, there would be no competition at all. I am happy to say that we have closed on our home and have gained a new friend in the process.

Thank you Tina for all that you do for your clients!

— Stacey and Gene Frank